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Blogpost about DIN Rail Enclosures and their uses - Read more here

DIN Rail Enclosures (English)

Facts about DIN Rail Cabinets (DIN Rail enclosures)

Article explaining DIN rail cabinets, their fabrication, and applications.


Application of DIN rail enclosures:

DIN rail module boxes are mainly used to house electrical switches and industrial control equipment. The cabinets are mounted on DIN rails where the most commonly used type of rails are the so-called Top Hat section, typically made of cold rolled steel (according to EN 60715 Standard) with either a zinc or chrome plating. There is a wide range of different types of cabinets, all designed and manufactured for different applications, environments and safety requirements.


Lower quality cabinets are often manufactured from cheap plastic such as Polystyrene (PS) and with lower input protection. There are often smaller cabinets and are used for internal wiring normally in an office. Due to the low tensile strength of Polystyrene, such cabinets should not be used in places where strokes can occur, for example. at workshops. If you want higher protection against impact while keeping the price down, ABS plastic is a better option, but it is highly susceptible to UV rays, so ABS plastic shelves should not be used in places with much sunlight. At the top of the list of plastic enclosures are Polycarbonate (PC) that can withstand powerful blows as well as wind and weather. The price per However, the device is higher than PS and ABS plastic, but if a plastic cabinet with the highest level of internal and external protection is desired, PC plastic is clearly preferable.

Plastic enclosures are manufactured by injection molding, where heated plastic in liquid form is sprayed at high pressure into a mold after which the solidified cabinet is pushed out of the mold. After that, the DIN cabinet is finished, if necessary – according to customer specifications, inspected for defects. This method ensures high efficiency and high output, making production more cost effective. Low end cabinets are often of simple and cheap design, typically used for simple wiring and where appearance and ease of use are not required. For more complicated applications, it will be necessary to use high end cabinets. These come in many different designs for installation of connections, such as PCB blocks, plug headers or D-SUB, KNX and Front connectors, or if you need to install contacts, displays or pads. The vast majority of companies that produce high end cabinets build their range customizable so that the customer can put together exactly the solution that suits his needs.

Installing enclosures on DIN Rail

Installing cabinets on a DIN rail is easy with high end cabinets, as these are manufactured with snap features, however, cabinets are typically manufactured only for a specific leather size. Low end cabinets are available with snap function but some are fitted with screws and bolts.

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